Feb 27 - Mar 2, 2017
Barcelona, Spain
B20EMR - Hall 2, Upper Walkway


Mobile World Congress 2017

Capitalizing on the clear trend towards IP and software-based technologies as foundation for next-generation pay-TV service infrastructure, Verimatrix will be presenting its next-generation VCAS Ultra™ architecture, illustrating the evolution of multi-network revenue security, at Mobile World Congress 2017.
VCAS Ultra™ will offer operators an agile multi-network revenue security approach with the flexibility and scalability to meet their future goals for growth. Service providers can now take full advantage of next-generation UHD services and deploy in physical or virtualized environments via an ecosystem of tightly integrated cloud-based components.
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VCAS Ultra is the latest generation of our video service security solution, independently audited to support UHD content with embedded watermarking.
VideoMark forensic watermarking features a Live profile and enables operators to identify the source of unauthorized video content in the fight against piracy.
MultiRights OTT enables a unified experience using cross-DRM domain management while comprehensively protecting valuable services.
Verspective Analytics serves to securely aggregate operator data and works with leading innovators in video analytics to visualize data in the way you need.

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