With 11 years of experience Ocilion implements software for interactive TV. By doing that Ocilion makes future TV happen in the present. With replay-TV, private videorecording, video database, app & much more television becomes a multimedial adventure! Ocilion provides two established solutions: iptvCarrier & iptv500. Customers of iptvCarrier are typically carriers of xDSL-, FTTx- & HFC-networks. iptv500 is Ocilions inhouse solution with ethernet cable. 

Quadrille is a French independent software & service provider, leader in delivering content over the air. It’s innovative push technology answers real life needs in Media, Entertainment, Transportation, Public & Military infrastructures. The modular file transfer solution QuadriFast™ enables a multicast delivery of any content (VOD, Catch-up, live TV…) on any device, anywhere in the world.

SeaChange International (NASDAQ: SEAC) is the global leader in multi-screen video and one of the largest software companies worldwide. The Company provides innovative, Emmy award-winning solutions and services for back office, advertising, content, in-home devices and broadcast to hundreds of media companies, including blue chip companies such as Comcast, Virgin Media, AT&T, Hutchison Whampoa, Vodacom and DISH Network. 

SmartLabs is a Russian company and a leader in the development of service delivery platforms for interactive digital television (IPTV, OTT and hybrid TV). SmartLabs offers individual products and end-to-end solutions, ensuring complete compatibility of its components and modules. SmartLabs offers a family of STBs spanning across various tiers and classes of devices, including mass and premium IPTV/OTT STBs and hybrid STBs with DVB and IPTV support.

Wowza Media Systems is the premier media server software company delivering an industrial-strength infrastructure for live video, video-on-demand, live recording, and video chat. Wowza has a singular focus on delivering high-performance media server software to service providers, media properties, enterprises, and other organizations serious about delivering video to any digital screen – computer, mobile phone, or home TV.